Forward at a Glance

Diversity, Innovation and Practicality primarily outlines our educational approach and philosophy.

At the time of formation of Pakistan, the situation in educational institutions—both government’s owned and missionary ones—was gravely deteriorated in Peshawar. These institutions were chiefly staffed and operated by non-Muslims; the majority of whom migrated to India which further aggravated the educational crisis. This dearth of professionals worsened the quality of education. Here the Government felt the dire need of assistance of the people in every sphere of life with the same zeal which they had manifested for the struggle of independence. At this crucial hour, Mr. Muhammad Shafi Sabir took the initiative and laid the foundation of ‘Forward High School’ outside Asamai Gate, Peshawar in the year 1950 in a two storey spacious building.

This was the first step towards private education in the city. The response by masses towards this center of quality education was overwhelming. Soon this school building proved insufficient to cater to the massive influx of students. This was followed by a rapid growth of Forward High School into numerous branches of Schools and Colleges throughout Peshawar in main City, Hayatabad, Charsadda Road, Saeedabad and the most recent being the Forward Public School, Dalazak Road established in April 2007.

Established on most modern lines and enshrining the key philosophy of ‘Forward’, Forward Public School Dalazak Road aims at providing its pupils top quality education. At Forward Public School, we believe in innovation and activity based learning. Diversity, Innovation and Practicality primarily outlines our educational philosophy. The School possesses a history rich in educational background compounded with the vision, experience and farsightedness of its Founder Principal and all those who succeeded him. Being serving the noble cause of education for more than half a century, we distinctively sense the need of hour and demand of the outer world and then accordingly shape our institution’s educational policy that could help best our students when they are exposed to the challenges of real life.

In accordance to the first revelation of Holy Quran which asks mankind to ‘seek knowledge’ and the subsequent sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), we emphasize on ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Education’ not Grades and Marks since we believe in the mighty power of knowledge. We are aware of the fact that only true and proper knowledge can assist our students in their career pursuits. This has brought distinction for our students while prestige for our institution at the same time.

Our marvelous academic results reflect our excellent standard of education and manifest the worthy efforts of our highly capable faculty members. Undoubtedly, this is coupled by the hard work and dedication of our students. Our students are our invaluable asset and future of the nation.

By joining hands with Education Department, Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education; Peshawar, Civil Society, and capable members of academia, Forward Public School Dalazak Road has kept lit the beacon of knowledge and has continued, with perseverance, the journey in the light of vision, envisaged by its founding Principal.