Montessori World

Our Montessori Section covers:

  • Play Group
  • Beginner I (Nursery)
  • Beginner II (Prep)

Montessori years represent the first break with the routines of home, the first anxieties for parents. At the Montessori, we make sure your child feels secure, has access to the best facilities and activities, and receives a gentle introduction to learning. Joy and activity are the world of little boys and girls. Our Montessori section provides this fairy world to these little boys and girls. In our Montessori Section little, tender children learn through an unfelt, unconscious manner as a preparation for the next school stage. Game is the name of education in our Montessori Section. Through a programme of carefully selected activities and through friendly interaction between children, our highly trained staff works to develop in each the confidence and the curiosity that are the key elements for later learning. Experiential learning in the outdoors is at the heart of our Montessori section. These students are provided with a playground and with toys, attractive picture books and with pictures. These students are helped to make clay objects, to count with toys, to run about, to laugh, to enjoy themselves. There is a playground, a lawn, swings, see-saws and other things for them to swing, sway and lay. All the happy activities in the Montessori Section help little boys and girls. They enjoy health, develop intelligence, love and cooperation, self-confidence and gain a creative ability. This is our Montessori world a world of joy, a thing of beauty.


We offer flexible timings to suit your needs– including two weekly holidays of Saturday and Sunday – and the peace of mind that your child is in a warm, caring environment under the supervision of experienced and professional staff.