From the Desk of Directors



I am greatly privileged to be part of Board of Directors at Forward Public School. We are grateful to God for having enabled us to serve the nation. Being serving the cause of education for more than half a century, we have carved out a name for ourselves as the humble servants of education. We have been following the footsteps and legacy of our founding father Professor Muhammad Shafi Sabir. Education for all remains our chief mission. Alongside imparting quality education, we essentially focus on character building of our youth and try to mold them as responsible citizens.

We undertake providing education as a noble cause and we shall always be there to help those who wish and strive to seek it.



I feel honored to serve on the Board of Directors of this prestigious institution. We are indebted to parents and all stakeholders for their kind cooperation in making our institutions one of the trend setters in the history of purposeful education. Beyond rhetoric, the 21st Century demands top notch education for every individual. I believe that education is a spirit that leads a person, a student to a successful future. Hence, by undertaking the task to meet the needs of quality education, we aim at inculcating among our students a spirit of sound discipline, character, and initiative towards a successful future with a solid academic background. We wish to groom them into ideal responsible citizens of Pakistan.
We strongly hope and believe that with our deep sense of dedication, our experience in the field of education coupled with parent’s cooperation, our objective shall be realized.