Tuition & Fee Policy

All Parents, Guardians and Students are required to follow the following rules and regulations regarding Tuition and Fee payment.
  • Tuition and Fee shall be payable in Pakistani Rupee (PKR)
  • A one-time Registration and Admission Fee (non-refundable) is payable in full at the time of admission. A Security Fee will also be paid by all new students at the time of admission that is refunded at the time of withdrawal.
  • The Tuition fee shall be paid each month in advance for all classes.
  • Tuition Fee has to be paid completely for all twelve (12) calendar months or full year.
  • Tuition Fee Challan have a considerable “VALIDITY/DUE DATE” of ten days. After the expiry of “VALIDITY/DUE DATE”, a late Fee fine is imposed that must be paid along with Fee.
  • Students who fail to pay fees within the defined period are sent periodic reminders. If the fee remains payable despite this, the name of student will be struck off the school rolls without any notice. In such cases, the application for re-admission shall have to be accompanied by admission fee, security fee and late fee fine. However, the student’s re-admission is subject to vacancy and management’s discretion.
  • Fee Challans are issued to students a week prior to the billing month. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that fee is deposited within the mentioned “VALIDITY/DUE DATE”. In case parents do not get the fee challan, they have the right to get a new fee challan re-issued from School’s Finance Office. All Fee & Dues are to be paid directly at School’s Finance Office.
  • A student attending school for full month or a part of a month shall have to pay tuition fee for the full month. Similarly; the remainder tuition fee is not refunded to students leaving school in the middle of a term.
  • NO payments including the Security Fee are refunded if the student is suspended from school on grounds of disciplinary action or gross misconduct.
  • In relation to Summer Vacation; fee and dues for July and August will be received along with fee for the month of June. Likewise, fee for March will be received along with the fee for the month of February.
  • Forward Public School reserves the right to hold student’s progress reports, examination certificates, transcripts, school leaving certificate (SLC) or other such documents if school dues remain unpaid.
  • The school has the discretion to review and increase the tuition fee and other fee without any prior notice.
  • There shall be no concession in Admission, Registration and Tuition Fee on grounds of real Brother/Sister.
  • Fee and funds paid to the school are non-refundable.