Why Forward Public School ?

Forward Public School

Forward Public School has a glorious history and reputation for providing the highest quality educational opportunities for all its students through latest and well developed facilities.

Well Rounded Education

Learning is about more than the formal classroom curriculum. Students at the School have wonderful opportunities to develop, not only through their teachers but also through their contributons.

A Long History of Excellence

Forward Public School has a majestic history for being a part of Forward High School (for Girls) Asamai Gate that was founded in 1950. Around the world and throughout Pakistan, many distinguished figures have benefited from this prestigious institution, including the renowned literary figure; Prof. Mohsin Ahsan (late), Dr. Zahoor Ahmed Awan (late), notable political personality; Dr. Samia Raheel Qazi and many others discharging distinctive services in various fields of life.

Proficient Teachers

Our capable school teachers understand how young people learn and are able to give pupils the necesary confidence and skills they need to face the new challenges and fresh opportunities that await them in the world outside school.

Marvellous Results

Forward Public School takes pride in the exceptional results and talent manifested by its students in Seconday School Examinations conducted by Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE); Peshawar.

Exemplary Dicipline

Excellent discipline is the hallmark of Forward Public School. Through an efficient and well-knit proctorial board including students’ proctors, the school manages to meet highest standards of discipline, morality and behaviour.