Dynamic Classroom



Being living in this information technology driven age of 21st century, we understand that the concept of traditional class room no longer exists. Considering this, we put extra effort in crafting ¬¬special settings of our class rooms that are supportive in promoting conclusive learning environment for our students. With a carefully selected ‘teacher: students’ ratio of ‘one to thirty students’, we ensure that each individual gets inclusive attention and is rightly able to absorb the concept of taught lessons.

Given the cultural and technological shift in these times

our lead academicians find ways to develop and create the best, meaningful and dynamic learning environment for our learners.
The traditional class rooms are no longer effective in imparting adequate learning to students. The 21st century class room is perceived as a hub of productivity, creativity and experimentation. With an added role for both teachers and students, the focus of our class rooms is on students developing practical skills, communication skills, effective thinking skills, and becoming accustomed to latest technology with the purpose of getting comprehensively prepared for a modern workplace.

Keeping up with the trends, our teachers strive hard to actively engage students in learning using diverse instructional methods. The ‘student centric’ class room environment makes sure that learning takes place according to each student’s individual needs, abilities and psychology. Collaborative approach using group projects, brain storming, joint exercises, competition between student’s groups, writing in team, and other such ventures are an added feature of our class rooms and accentuate our modern teaching approach.

By directing students to set behavioral standards and academic goals, we encourage students to take responsibility of their learning with confidence and become self-reliant in their academic pursuits.

Alongside the evolving dynamics of class room,

the teachers have also assumed more meaningful and important roles. Teachers are no longer mere knowledge providers. They have become facilitators of learning.
Here at school, we keep a strong check on our pedagogical approaches and ensure that teachers have taken up their role dedicatedly and seriously.
Through constant monitoring, training, and custom designed teaching resources, our management and coordinators make constant efforts to maintain the highest teaching standards.