Professor Muhammad Shafi Sabir


My only service on which I feel proud is the establishment of Forward High School which has afforded education to every individual of Peshawar
|Professor Muhammad Shafi Sabir|
Mentioning education in our Province particularly our city Peshawar is futile without any reference to the Founder of Forward System of Education, Professor Muhammad Shafi Sabir.

By setting up ‘Forward High School’ at a time when grave educational crisis existed, Mr. Shafi Sabir undoubtedly performed a remarkable, invaluable and beneficial task for his contemporaries and progeny alike. He held the reins of this nascent institution in his capacity as ‘Principal’. His managerial and administrative expertise that he exhibited as Principal resulted in the expansion of his institute in response to the massive influx of the people of city to this educational hub. He responded adequately; building more schools for accommodating and serving the people’s quest. All along the same, he also proved right his genius as an exemplary teacher.

A highly qualified man with Masters’ degree in English and Urdu compounded with a thorough grip on languages and literature of Persian, Pashto, Punjabi, Islamic Studies, and History, he was indeed an unfathomable ‘ocean of knowledge’, as his students reflect about him. Through his forethoughtful planning and round the clock struggle in various capacities, he envisaged a vision, coined a philosophy, and laid the blue print for his Forward High School that still sustains this institution and breathes life into it and has always been a guide for those driving this institution towards progress, enlightenment and zenith of knowledge.

Mr. Shafi Sabir has, to his credit, various achievements. A writer by passion, his association with print and electronic media is spread over a span of 40 years. He worked for a number of newspapers in various capacities. To name a few, he remained Editor-in-Chief of ‘Tarjuman-e-Sarhad’, ‘Hamdam’ and also published his own cultural newspaper ‘Filmi Dunya.’ In addition to this, he worked for Radio Pakistan as a Drama and Feature Writer. At Pakistan Television (PTV), he would appear in talk shows pertaining to religious and historical issues.

As a writer, he had an inclination towards religion and history. He has authored twelve complete books including two books in English. Three of his books have been awarded Abasin Arts Council Best Book Award. To date, his award winning books ‘Tareekh-e-Suba Sarhad’, ‘Hayat-e-Pir Baba’, and ‘Story of Khyber’ are regarded as the only comprehensive work on the subject. Alongside his writing activities, his intellectual activities encompass many other areas. Through his affiliation with Hamdard Thinkers Forum (Sham-e-Hamdard), Abasin Arts Council and Pakistan Writers Guild, he rendered substantial literary services.

On social and religious platform, he would never miss his presence. He remained General Secretary of Motamar-Al-Alam-Al-Islam (World Muslims’ Congree), Majlis-e-Seerat-un-Nabi (SAW), Pakistan Muslim League, Peace Committee, Advisor on ‘Fiqh’ to Federal Shariat Court and many others.

The contributions of Professor Muhammad Shafi Sabir for the society and people have no parallel. He has succeeded in etching an indelible image in the memory of his admirers and general people alike. However, his chief contribution is his educational institutions which are enlightening the people since decades and aim to continue this noble task for generations to come.




April 1,1920
Peshawar, Pakistan


09 August 2005 (aged 85)
Peshawar, Pakistan


Teacher, Educationist, Writer, Historian,
Journalist, Broadcaster, Radio Presenter

Alma mater

University of Peshawar


  • Gold Medal, First Position in M.A. Urdu, University of Peshawar (1963)
  • Gold Medal, Best Book, Abasin Arts Council (1993)
  • Best Radio Drama Award, Radio Pakistan (1955)
  • Best Essay on History, Board of Historic & Research Studies (1970)
  • Best Essay on Life of Prophet Muhammad (1959)
  • Wasiqa Aitraf”—Hamdard Foundation Pakistan (1992)


  • Founder Principal, Forward High School System
  • Member Academic Council, University of Peshawar
  • Member Regional Advisory Committee, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad
  • President, Private Educational Institutions Management Associaton (PEIMA)
  • General Secretary NWFP, World Muslim Congress (Motamar al-Alam al-Islam)
  • Member Executive Council, Hamdard Thinker’s Forum