Disciplined Ambience

Excellent discipline is the hallmark of Forward Public School.

Through an efficient and well-knit proctorial board including students’ proctors, the school manages to meet the highest standards of discipline, morality and behaviour.

Our Proctorial Board is headed by Chief Proctor (a member of school’s teaching staff) and proctors are periodically selected by Proctorial Board after a rigorous and impartial selection mechanism.

Discipline instills self-control, sets norms and teaches etiquettes to students. It encompasses all aspects of our life. We believe that discipline plays a vital role in students’ personal development and mental upbringing. With the aim of promoting learning with responsibility, we strive hard to ensure a disciplined ambience across our campus.
Our experience is witness to the fact that students enriched with the spirit of discipline have exemplary achievements in life to their credit. Linked to this, we direct our students to act within the ambit of set ‘Code of Conduct’ and behave in the socially acceptable way.


Right from the Montessori years till higher grades,

we inclusively instruct our students on how to eat, talk, move around, and interact with each other and elders.
Alongside this, we train students on how to balance their studies along with other playful life activities, and how to maintain a standard lifestyle for ensuring success in the ever challenging outer world particularly in the modern workplace environment.

However, despite our keenness and persistence in maintaining strong discipline throughout; we are not rigid in our approach. We strongly believe and religiously follow the 21st century smart approach of ‘teaching with love and affection’.

Accordingly, we strongly discourage and disapprove of corporal punishment and harsh treatment of our students in all its forms and manifestations.