Beyond the Walls of Classroom

Learning no longer remains restricted to class room.

Over the time, learning has scaled the heights of class room to become an integral part of the outer world. With this, learning has become more pronounced, diverse and meaningful. We interpret learning beyond the classroom as “using places other than classroom for learning and teaching”. Learning outside the classroom bridges ‘theory’ and ‘reality’. We believe that learning in real-life-situation strongly contributes to personal development of students and boosts their academic achievement. Learning beyond class provides firm support to curriculum in many ways. By combining ‘theory’ with ‘hands on experience’ in real life, the process of learning gets firmly entrenched in student’s subconscious.

At Forward Public School, we strongly emphasize and encourage out of the classroom learning initiatives. Through our comprehensively designed teaching program, we continuously engage students in meaningful learning activities. Learning outside the walls of classroom complements the classroom learning and enable our students to practically analyze their surrounding; thereby leading to better understanding of theoretical concepts.

Some of our “beyond the classroom” initiatives include:


Forward Public School places great importance on Sports in the curriculum as universally; it has now been accepted as an integral part of studies. We believe in the Principle “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Physical Education is part of the regular timetable up to Grade IIIV. The physical education is imparted by experienced trainer usually retired personnel from Pakistan Armed Forces. For female students, we have lady instructors.

The school has vast grounds of desired standard for Football, Cricket, Basket Ball and Volley Ball. In addition, there are arrangements for in-door games including Badminton, and Table Tennis. Sports Gala and Games tournament are annually held to infuse the habit of sports among students.


Forward Public School organizes excursions and field trips throughout the year at different intervals to places of interest and educational value. Such trips stimulate learning among students.
The places are selected according to the suitability for the age of student concerned.


21st century is an era of collaborations. Learning through collaboration is most effective. Given this, we organize series of collaborative projects for students.
These involve debates, science exhibitions, creative writing competitions, arts and drawing competitions, poetry sittings, elocution competitions, stage performances, and community welfare projects.